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I am an international performer offering you many shows that you will discover below. Over the last 25 years I have presented my shows in a mulitude of countries, that's why I'm able to entertain my audiences in 5 languages. With my wife Roberta Crespi, Sand Artist. We have only one goal: SURPRISING YOU!

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Sand Art

Essentially beautiful!


After a successful career in the marketing and advertising for the major international brands, Roberta has decided to take advantage of her graphical   qualities to develop a unique show combining technology and fine art. Thanks to a magical encounter with Claudio De Negri, international performer and artistic director, a show using the sand to create live drawings is born. Welcome to “Not Only Sand”.

“Not only Sand”

Using sand from the desert and a simple piece of illuminated glass, Roby will create amazing live drawings in a blink of an eye, using her incredible skilled hands on the rhythm of the music. Be ready to live a unique experience offering you strong emotions with “Not Only Sand”